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Fauntleroy Children's Center Seeks Donations for 35th Annual Auction

date posted: 04 Feb 2022

The Fauntleroy Children’s Center is seeking donations for its 35th Annual Auction. The auction will be held online from March 14 - 20, 2022.

FCC serves over 120 local children ages 1 month to 13 years old, and employs 33 staff members. The 2022 fundraising goal is $55,000, which will go toward scholarships for students, professional development for staff, and updating the outdoor play structures. The Center is seeking donations of products, services or gift certificates to help us reach this goal! Please contact auction@fauntleroychildrenscenter.org or call 206-932-9590 to arrange a donation.

Thank you.

Fall Festival Needs Fresh Volunteer Energy, Ideas

date posted: 01 Nov 2021

In September 2001, the United States went through one of its most challenging times. When I woke up that morning to the news that an airplane had flown into a building in New York, I hit “Snooze.”

By the time my clock radio came on again, another plane had flown into another building. I rushed downstairs to watch on TV as one of the biggest tragedies in American history unfolded. Kids at school, our teachers, our parents - everyone knew our lives had changed.


Traffic Forum

date posted: 15 Oct 2021

The FCA held a traffic forum with members from SDOT, SPD, and Council Member Herbold’s office in response to the results of our 2020 Community Survey. Watch the video…

Traffic Meeting

date posted: 03 Oct 2021
A local Fauntleroy traffic issues meeting will be held virtually Oct 12, from 7 to 9 PM with members of SDOT, Seattle Police Department’s Southwest Precinct,  Seattle Police Traffic Department and City Council Member Lisa Herbold’s office.  This meeting stems from the most recent survey conducted by the FCA in which traffic issues such as speeding, noise, pedestrian safety and neighborhood cut-throughs were the number one concern of the Fauntleroy community.  We request that community members submit questions, concerns, recommendations and importantly issues with specific streets and cross streets where the issues exist to traffic@fauntleroy.net by the close of business October 8.  Questions will be compiled so they may be addressed by the attendees.  Registration Required.

Fauntleroy Fall Festival Returns!

date posted: 03 Oct 2021


The festival is going to look a bit different this year to err on the side of caution for the community.  It will be a drive through event!  Folks will be able to sign up for a slot to drive through the main and upper parking lots of the Fauntleroy Church/Y and pick up goodies from the Fall Festival along the way.  People walking up from the neighborhood are welcome as well. Cocoa, pretzel and cider, word search puzzle, a birdhouse kit are among the treats along your route.  There will be bands to listen to on your trip and Halloween decorations to keep everyone entertained! Reserve your spot for the festival here: https://signup.com/go/ykhPtmZ

Support the Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is supported in large part by financial contributions from the community. If you are able to contribute to this year's Fauntleroy Fall Festival click the Contribute button on the right.

Help Out

The Fall Festival is also a volunteer operation. If you have the time and the desire to help make this year's festival the best one yet, please consider helping out. Volunteers (masked and fully vaccinated) will be needed to pass out items and direct traffic. If you can help for a 2 hour shift, please sign up to the right

Stay Connected

Current Information on the Fauntleroy Fall Festival can be found at the Fauntleroy Fall Festival page on Facebook


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