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About the Fauntleroy Community Association

The purpose of this organization is to consider and act on concerns affecting the quality of life and character of the Fauntleroy community in Seattle, Washington. -- Fauntleroy Community Association Bylaws

Read our Bylaws In the mid 1970's a neighborhood group around the Fauntleroy Ferry dock formed when they were informed by one of their Washington State Legislators that the Washington State Ferry System was planning an expansion of the ferry dock at Fauntleroy. That group, The Fauntleroy Environmental Association (FEA), worked to expose WSF's plans to the community. In 1980 the FEA changed their name to the Fauntleroy Community Association (FCA) to stay vigilant about future attempts by WSF's to expand the dock. The group has remained active focused on community concerns that affect the quality of life and character of the Fauntleroy Community. In more recent years the FCA has been a major underwriter of social community events such as the Fauntleroy Fall Festival which draws over a thousand visitors to this annual free event. In and around 2011 the FCA organized a successful opposition to placing a zip-line in Lincoln Park. More recently the FCA has been the key driver in getting Brace Point Drive where it goes thru the Fauntleroy Business area converted to a one way street, has placed and maintained planter boxes in the business area, placed pedestrian crossing flags at various intersections throughout the community, was instrumental in having a guard rail put in along the west side of Marine View Drive and arranged to have several tons of creosote soaked logs removed from the beaches in Fauntleroy Cove.

The FCA is an all volunteer organization that puts out a quarterly newsletter, "Neighbors" and holds its annual meeting (except during the Coronavirus pandemic) in March at the Fauntleroy Schoolhouse. The goal of the organization is to represent the interests of the community to the City, County and State. Every other year the FCA sends out a survey to over 3,000 residents of the community to get their input on what are the issues of greatest concern to the community so the FCA Board can focus on those issues over the next two years. These topics and others are discussed at their monthly open public Business meetings.

Annual Meetings

The FCA Membership meets annually in the spring, usually in conjunction with the Fauntleroy Food Fest.

Annual Reports


Join the FCA! We invite all interested parties to join the FCA. Membership dues, starting at $25, ensure sufficient resources to coordinate several annual community events and communicate with you throughout the year.


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