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The purpose of this organization is to consider and act on concerns affecting the quality of life and character of the Fauntleroy community in Seattle, Washington.Fauntleroy Community Association Bylaws

One only needs to skim the Fauntleroy Community Association’s annual reports , newsletter archive, or the project links below to recognize the deep commitment that hundreds of neighbors have made to Fauntleroy’s natural, built, and social environment and history.

Since 1980, the Fauntleroy Community Association has addressed ferry, traffic, pollution, and public safety issues; restored salmon habitat; built parks and playgrounds; and celebrated the community’s assets – especially its people.

Projects We Have Taken On

Triangle Business District Planters
New Neighbor Welcome Bags
Fauntleroy Schoolhouse Centennial
Cove Park
Emergency Preparedness
Fauntleroy Creek
Fauntleroy Park
Watershed Council
Friends of Lincoln Park

Issues We Have Taken an Active Interest In

West Seattle Bridge Closure
Fauntleroy Creek Culvert Replacement
West Seattle and Ballard Link Extensions
Residential Zoning
Multi-family, Commercial, and Urban Village Zoning
Joslin Building
Ferry Terminal Replacement Project
Lincoln Park Zipline Proposal
Fauntleroy Ferry

Get Involved

2009 Fall Festival - FCA board members
FCA board members Gary Dawson,
Marty Westerman, Bruce Butterfield
and Gordon Wiehler enjoy the 2009
Fauntleroy Fall Festival.

There are many opportunities to get involved in the life of your community. Click on the links at left for more information about issues, projects, and special events. If in doubt about the primary contact, please feel free to contact any member of the Fauntleroy Community Association board of directors.

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