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Response from Heather Marx

Posted: 14 May 2020

A response from Heather Marx at SDOT to the FCA’s Letter of April 22nd.

To: Mike Dey
From: Marx, Heather
Date: 2020-05-14 14:32 -0700
Subject: RE: Bridge Closure and FCA Involvement

Dear Mike Dey,
I'm writing to you from my pleasantly rainy home here in the Fauntleroy

Thank you for your letter on April 22. I want to formally recognize and
address the concerns raised, as well as commit to involving the
Fauntleroy Community Association in our planning and discussions around
the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge Safety Project. Included below are
answers to many of the important concerns you raised. We have worked
diligently to be as responsive and prompt as possible and acknowledge
that this is only the start.

• > Addressing increased traffic after Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order is
lifted. Once the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order is lifted, we recognize
the Fauntleroy Community will see even higher traffic volumes as people
return to the Fauntleroy Dock and use neighborhood streets as detour
routes. In coming weeks, you can expect from SDOT a
neighborhood-specific transportation plan as well as an update on
planned improvements in Fauntleroy. Our transportation engineers and
planners are developing plans that consider both recommendations from
community members and reflect predicted traffic volumes after the order
is lifted.

• > Coordinating with Seattle Public Utilities during the Fauntleroy
Creek Culverts Replacement Project. This project is
in the design phase and we will coordinate with Seattle Public Utilities
to make sure impacts are limited. It is standard practice at the City of
Seattle to involve SPU and SDOT as project
team members for projects that impact each other. As part of this
coordination, we will consider the increased traffic volumes due to the
bridge closure and limit traffic impacts as much as possible.

• > Involving the Fauntleroy Community Association and your
committee. The Fauntleroy Community Association and your committee of
Frank Immel, Marty Westerman, and yourself will be included in our
outreach around the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge Safety Project. We
appreciate your thoughtful action to create a committee and we look
forward to working together.

This is only the continuation of an ongoing conversation and
partnership. We remain committed to attending any Fauntleroy community
meeting you would like us to participate in – the same standing offer
SDOT has provided to all organizations in Southwest and West Seattle.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions or comments.
Otherwise, I look forward to continuing the dialogue with you and will
follow-up with any outstanding answers to existing questions.

Thank you.

Heather Marx, Seattle Department of Transportation
206-XXX-XXXX (m)


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