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In late 2017, FCA was contacted by Tacoma Way LLC, the owners of the Joslin Building. The Joslin building (9250 45th Ave SW) sits on the small triangular shaped lot between Marine View Drive and Wildwood and faces 45th Ave. SW. The owners were planning on replacing the two story building with apartment pods on the upper floors and some type of retail or restaurant on the main floor. The building could potentially be 5 stories and parking would be pushed to the streets. FCA formed a small group of neighbors to monitor the proposal. At that time, zoning limited the number of stories to three and there was discussion at the Seattle City Council that developers could build without providing off street parking as long as transit was close. The neighborhood was concerned that the potential number of stories was not in keeping with the height of nearby buildings and that the nearby streets could not support an estimated fifty or ore more cars. The Project (3029937) was reviewed by the City and numerous requirements were issued to move forward. The site is a difficult build in that it is too small for below ground parking and current code would increase setbacks. At one point, the back in parking on Marine View Drive was recommended to be replaced with parallel parking resulting in further loss of parking. FCA conducted a parking study and customers of the nearby merchants indicated they generally drove and parking was already difficult to find. In 2018, the City passed sweeping changes in parking rules however similar to the Alki Overlay, off street parking was required for commercial, residential split lot and multifamily development within 1,320 feet of the Fauntleroy Dock (SMC 23.54.015 footnote 4 of Table B) and we believe the Joslin Building is within that parameter. As of February 2021, city records indicate the project is pending. It is likely this project would require public review before proceeding.

Update on the Proposed teardown and rebuilding of the Joslin Building (9250 45th Ave SW)

posted: 22 Jan 2018

In the December newsletter Neighbors we discussed the proposed teardown and replacement of the Joslin Building at 9250 45th Ave SW. We want to update the Community with what is happening and what we understand from the owners and the City.


Proposed Rezoning, Upzoning Raise Significant Concerns

posted: 15 Dec 2017 by: Mike Dey

Fauntleroy Triangle Proposed Rezone
Fauntleroy Triangle Proposed Zoning.

On Oct. 30, the West Seattle Blog reported a proposed rezoning of the Joslin Building at 9250 45th SW in the heart of Fauntleroy’s retail area. On Nov. 8, representatives of the FCA Board met with the two owners to confirm the report and better understand their intentions so that FCA could begin an informed discussion with the community.

One of the owners lives in the Arroyos and the other is a former Seattle resident now living in Tacoma. At the meeting, they confirmed the Blog’s account and their desire to replace the existing structure with a 5-story mixed-use building with no on-site parking. It would have commercial on the bottom floor and 32 apartments above, each measuring 400 - 500 square feet.



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